Sunday, December 16, 2007


I know I've been quiet lately and wanted to give anyone interested my status. I've been rather busy with current projects and commission requests for the holidays. I am almost finished with the bulk of holiday commissions, which I'll be posting on dA soon. The calendar is of course now available, and I'll be starting on a new project for Mad Hatter Design soon. More information on that is coming soon.

In addition, I've been working on ripping down and rebuilding the web site, which in addition to work submitted elsewhere, will also feature additional exclusive content and a new online illustrated web-zine called SHORTS + GOGGLES. Each issue of S + G will consist of 11 pages, which is half the tradtional comic in length, going with the whole shorts theme. It will feature illustrated poetry, short stories in both one shots and also series that will be told in parts over several issues. Every issue will also feature it's own shorts girl pinup on the cover. I'm considering having a contest through either, my myspace, or my dA account where users can submit their stories for a chance to be illustrated and featured in a future issue of SHORTS + GOGGLES. I'm hoping to have the site up before the holidays, and S + G soon thereafter. Currently, I'm building up content in between commissions so that there'll actually be something to see!

So that's that. Have a Happy Holidays!



Bob said...

Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

Joe Kerr said...

You changed things. Forever. There's no going back. To them you're just a freak. Like me.

HerrTwiggs said...

Oh, the angel has a blog now. Nice. This is HerrTwiggs from DA.

Johhny Machine said...

Hey man! How've you been?

Yeah, in the process of having a more "official" portal for my artwork, I wanted a blog that would fit well into the same design theme as the upcoming page. Things have gone very well on the art front in the last year and I want to create a whole interface that is more my own than dA. I'll still post on dA but I'm putting more effort into this for the time being and hope to direct traffic to the site once its done. That's part of the reason I'm going to have some exclusive work on my site.

Also since I created the few pages for the S&G comic, I wanted to create something that would grow from that idea. Doing something for "shits & giggles" that would be more than just an online sketch book. Anywas, good to talk to you. I'll try to be on dA soon. Thanks for stopping by!